Sunday, October 29, 2017

Article Summaries

Article 1-

With some applications, including the example, they used Accuweather has been selling your private data to third-party companies. This is without your knowledge or consent, even if they do ask for your permission to use your location when you first download the app. This is being done so they can sell your information to maintain the app being free to anyone. The author also believes that if Accuweather and these other companies say they are going to fix the problem, they really won't.

Article 2-

In this article, they are saying that it is possible for anyone with a budget of $1000 to track you wherever you go. They have the ability to do this by purchasing online advertising in a way that will track the victim's location and learn what apps they use frequently. A team tested this and said, unfortunately, the experiment was very successful showing how easy it was to get this information. They have also found a solution and that is by resetting the mobile advertising IDs in one's phone. The UW Security and Privacy Research Lab plan to further their studies into this topic.

Article 3-

In this article, the writer talked about when you should and shouldn't share your location. Tech companies have let people know others location at any time. This has lead to some bad rather than good.Giving up this information can lead to many risks. Many apps have use this including popular ones like SnapChat. Many security experts have been doing research and learned it is nearly impossible to stop smartphones from being tracked like this. I believe in the future this will lead to many privacy risks.

In my opinion, I think these articles are very eye-opening. I did not even think about the ways I can be tracked and how I could. It creeps me out that I can be tracked this easily. I carry around my phone nearly everywhere I go so I am basically losing full privacy of my location to anyone. I believe this will not be good for our future with technology. I could just never fathom why someone would ever pay money to track someone anonymously. Overall, I just think we should make a change for our future society and change this.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Microchips in Humans

Microchip Implants in Humans

Microchipping in humans has become more popular around the world, in the last one or two years.  There is both good, and bad to implanting microchips into the human body. The chip is injected into your hand, usually in the thumb. It is about the size of a grain of rice, so the most challenging part about microchipping is getting it under the skin. Three ways it is positive, is that it makes everyday tasks so much easier, it can replace all the keys and cards we use, and it can memorize who you are so there is no need for a license, passport, or credit cards. Three concerns about human microchipping is the privacy policy. All of you information on your chip is out in the open, which means easy access to private assets. It is also very easy to hack, and lastly there would be no way to commit minor crimes , like speeding because there is a built in GPS.
I think that once they fix all the quirks of microchipping I would buy this. If they can allow us to have more privacy, and knowing that we cannot have our personal information hacked then, I think it will be an investment some people will purchase. It will allow us as humans to innovate the way we live and to me that is very important. Microchipping will make our lives better in many ways. The fact that we will not have to carry keys, cards, an ID, etc. makes it easier for us, and people like doctors, and policeman because we will literally have all this information at our fingertips! I think this is a great innovation that could become very popular if some of the problems are worked out. In the future I think this will be a worldwide purchase from everyone, including me.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

C.J Wiper
September 19, 2017


  1. This device is a CO2 detector. It is a small circle on the the ceiling of my house. I have just about one in each room. They have a small light on them to show that they are on and working. They have the companies brand name on them. Some may have a screen on them to show information while others will just blink a small light.
  2. A CO2 detector processes the information about if it there is a high amount of co2 in the room. This information is taken and then is accepted by the detector and sets off the alarm. This data is very important because it could save a family's life.
  3. The detector processes this data by taking in the substance and then reacting to it with an alarm. When the alarm sounds it means that the detector obtained the data to make it sound.
  4. The result of the processing is making the alarm go off and then making people get out of the house. The result of this data being obtained can save lives of many people. So this data being processed is very important in many ways. This is why having a detector is very important.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

C.J Wiper

Making Buttered Toast

  1. Take toast out of packaging
  2. Take refrigerated butter out
    1. If butter not in refrigerator use other
  3. Put toast into toaster
    1. Set heat to high for 2 minutes
  4. Take toast out of toaster (caution: hot)
  5. Apply butter to toast
  6. Eat toast
  7. Put away ingredients